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1915 -


Park History

The land that includes Lions Field, 2908 Broadway, was once a pasture for George W. Brackenridge's collection of animals, including buffalo and elk. The property belonged to Brackenridge's San Antonio Water Supply Company, which he sold in 1906 to owners who kept the land until 1916. Guided by Parks Commissioner Ray Lambert, the City purchased the property for $30,000 so that ". . . the natural beauty of the park will not be spoiled. . . . "

The land remained undeveloped until 1923 when the San Antonio Founder Lions Club, the oldest Lions Club in the world, selected the site for a supervised playground to be built by the club as a gift to the City. The club pledged $10,000 to construct the playground and also committed to build a clubhouse with rest rooms, showers, lockers and an auditorium. The City committed $15,000 to the project.

When it was opened on October 1, 1925, the playground was hailed as "one of the best in the United States." Over 10,000 people attended the opening, including 1,000 children who took part in a huge game of tag. Lions Field has remained an active recreation center, now geared toward Senior Citizens, for 72 years. It is guarded by a proud marble lion designed by San Antonio's master sculptor and Lions Club member, Louis Rodriguez. On its base, the lion stands eight feet tall, is 14 feet long and is made of Italian marble.

The lion, which had been a Broadway landmark since 1925, was completely knocked off its base and lost all four legs and its tail after a tree fell on it during the July 2002 floods.

It was returned after a six month absence after being restored by Lupe Rodriguez of Rodriguez Brothers Memorial. He is the nephew of the original sculptor, Louis Rodriguez.

Donate used eyeglasses

 The San Antonio Founder Lions Club collects used eyeglasses and frames - Contact our office for a collection site near you. 

Our Mission


 The San Antonio Founder Lions Club  are advocates for the blind & visually impaired in their crusade  against darkness.  We fund eye exams & glasses for those in need in  the Bexar County area that have no vision coverage.  We also assist with funding  a Mobile Eye Screening Unit  throughout our district that provides free eye exam screenings at various public locations.   We support a summer camp for children who are physically impaired.  We partner with the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind to assist those in need.  We collect used eye glasses to be refurbished and given to those in  need.  We also help fund a low vision center and the Lions Sight  Research Foundation.  


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